Why Should You Coach?

Why you should coach?

10 Reasons Why YOU Should Coach Our Youth at Cliff Avenue United FC

1) You love the game and have played it yourself and want to give back to the sport

2) You know how important volunteers are to a recreational football club like Cliff Avenue United FC. We can't do it without volunteers and their generous gift of time and knowledge and passion for the game

3) Cliff Avenue United FC offers coaches a generous re-imbursement policy for coaches courses that are offered by the BC Soccer Association.  Click here to view the policy.
4) Cliff Avenue United FC offers a vast online coaching resource in Bytesize Soccer. These diagrams and videos produced by our Technical Advisor, and legend, Tony Waiters can help coaches plan their practices,and learn more about player development paths

5) Cliff Avenue United FC is a mature organization with appropriate disciplinary processes and code of conduct and other policies designed to support coaches, parents, and children alike to create a positive soccer development environment
6) You have the chance to demonstrate your leadership qualities among your child's peers. This can have an enormously positive boost to your child's self-esteem and confidence
7) Cliff Avenue United FC offers events that encourage peer networking and knowledge transfer amongst our coaches

8) Cliff Avenue United FC recognizes its coaches with a year end recognition event

9) Cliff Avenue United offers you the opportunity to earn coaching jackets. Not only will you look like a coach, you will feel like one too

10) You are at the games and practices anyways. Coaching provides an active way in which to contribute to the success of the team and ultimately more personally rewarding than simply as a spectator and parent