Coach Player Evaluations

Coaches Player Evaluations

To access the player evaluation forms, please click the age group below.

U6/U7 Player Evaluation

U8 to U12 Player Evaluation

The club policy is to complete at certain intervals ongoing evaluations of players from U6 to U12 for the following reasons: 

At the younger ages U6-U10, each year the club attempts to keep teams balanced so that there is parity between teams playing one another (at this stage most play in Cliff Avenue in-house programs).  That way a cross-section and a balance of players will avoid one-sided games, which is not in anyone’s interest.

At the later stages,  U11-U12, decisions are being made as to which level of play is most suitable for each child, i.e., more competitive, (gold/metro) versus more recreational-type programs.  While total objectivity will never be accomplished, a system that attempts to give a more detached assessment will produce a fairer result.

Because of the above criteria the club asks that you go on to the Cliff Avenue United website and complete the evaluation for your players by the deadline we have given you in the “Subject” heading of this email.

Please note, at this point, we are only asking the U6-U12’s to do the evaluations. 

 If you are a coach and do not have the password, please refer to the original email regarding evaluations or contact Lora Delorme.