School's Program

School's Program

Cliff Avenue makes visits to local Elementary schools to spread the soccer passion. If your school's kindergarten - grade 3 classes are interested in having our staff coaches run some gym sessions for you please contact Kevin Julian.


"Thank you for your time to work with our students. They really enjoyed learning about soccer from you and our staff appreciated having you"

Sperling Elementary 

"Thank you for coming to Parkcrest and working with our kids. Your work has been instrumental  in evoking interest in soccer in our students who are not familiar with soccer. Thank you for your time and dedication."

Best regards,
Navdeep Aujlo
Principal - Parkcrest Elementary

Students and Staff Feedback from Forest Grove
  • Awesome;  had so much fun.
  • I learned some new skills.
  • It's nice to see all the kids engaged and moving.
  • Both coaches were really great with the kids.
  • It was nice to have some experts in to teach some of the basics.

Robyn Scott 
PE Contact
​Forest Grove

Thank you for taking time to come to our school and sharing your expertise with the kids. It is great to expose them to as much athletics as possible

Bruce Cornell
Vice Principal 
Lyndhurst Elementary 

I spoke with the teachers and many of the students and the feedback has been very positive. The students had fun and the teachers thought that the presentation was great!  Thank you so much for coming to and hope to see you again!

Lori McNary
Glenwood Elementary

The Cliff Avenue United FC soccer program visit was excellent. The kindergarten students loved being coached by a "real soccer coach". Kevin planned the activities to include all students regardless of their ability levels. He fit a lot of great activities into the half hour. Everyone felt successful and had fun. I would recommend the program to everyone!

Shauna Heselton
Kindergarten teacher
Gilpin Elementary School

The soccer lesson was great!  Kevin was prepared and had a really good pace with his lesson.  The warm-up gave me good ideas to do with my class during my gym time.  At a point in time, there were 21 children with 21 soccer balls but Kevin had full control.  I found that quite amazing!  We all had a lot of fun!  He even gave each child a little sticker/bracelet at the end of the lesson.

Grade 1/2  teacher
Gilpin Elementary School

Thanks Kevin for such a great program.  I think you should receive emails from some teachers in the next few days.

Thanks for bringing such a high quality soccer program to our school.  It was fantastic to see our students so excited about soccer both in the classroom and out on the playground.  Feedback from teachers was extremely positive.  A number of Gilpin teachers said you were s highly engaging, organized, able to differentiated the instruction to different levels of skill and your passion for soccer came through in  everything you did with the students. A number of teachers also told me that they feel more confident teaching soccer as part of their physical education curriculum after seeing your instruction and scope and sequence of skill progression.  Thank you.

Sean Gaster
Gilpin Elementary School

Click here to see what some of the kids said.

"The children had so much fun and they were fully engaged for 40 min.
They could not stop talking about the Soccer Activity for the rest of the day"

Miss Angela Marzitelli - Kindergarten Teacher
Holy Cross Elementary School

- "...skills were quick to learn and lots of success for everyone." Kara (Gr. 2/3)
- "Kevin introduced different skills to the kids, so the students can explore on their own.  There was a lot of movement and space." Kimiko (Gr. K/1)
- "Our class loved it!  I loved how you came prepared with everything to run the session." Barb (Gr. 1/2)
- "We enjoyed it very much.  I would prefer more than one day....2 or 3 would be great!" Kelly (Gr. 3/4)
- "The kids were engaged the entire time.  It was non-stop fun!" Casey (Gr. 3)
- " The kids looked forward to the soccer clinic, and Kevin did not disappoint.  The clinic was a success, as every single kid was participating and having fun.  The drills and games incorporate both learning and physical movement.  I would definitely want Kevin back again!" Janet (Gr. 1)

Thanks so much for providing a fun soccer experience.  

Janet Lieu
Capitol Hill School