Rule of Two

Rule of Two


Cliff Avenue United FC expectations is the 'Gold Standard' when it comes to BC Soccer's Rule of Two policy.

Rule of two states as follows:

An athlete, when in a potentially vulnerable situation, must be in the presence of no less than two adults who possess the following;

  • Valid Criminal Record Check.
  • Recognized by the Club as a coach/manager for the current season.
  • A minimum of one of the adults must be the same gender as the player.

The goal of the Rule of Two serves to protect minor athletes and coaches in potentially vulnerable situations by
ensuring that all interactions and communications are open, observable, and justifiable in the presents of more than one adult.

Vulnerable situations can include closed door meetings, travel and training environments amongst others.

One-on-One interactions between a coach and a player, without another individual present, must be avoided in all circumstances.